Labour’s stunning victory in Peterborough proves the value of mass-membership campaigning on local issues



Jeremy Corbyn is in Peterborough to congratulate Lisa Forbes, the city’s new MP. Speaking to Labour supporters, he said the result showed why Labour should not be written off. He said:  "What we did was offer the politics of hope, not the politics of fear. We offered the politics of hope to end austerity, to fund our schools properly, to employ our police properly, to give our young people a future in this country. That is what the Labour offer is about.

"Everybody, all the experts, wrote Lisa off. All the experts wrote Labour off yesterday. Write Labour off at your peril. We are strong, we are very determined to offer that politics that invests in decent services, in decent housing, in decent healthcare and in good quality jobs for the future, and a relationship with Europe that doesn’t take us over a cliff edge.

"Yesterday the Labour party came together on the streets of Peterborough. The Labour party came together in this campaign. And, on the day that Theresa May ceases to be leader of the Conservative party, my message is, to all the squabbling contenders for the Tory party leadership, bring it on. We are ready for a general election. And that general election will deliver a Labour government that will work for the many."

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