What do YOU want to talk about on 23rd March?

The 23rd March Cornwall Labour Party conference is to launch the consultation exercise which will lead to our manifesto for the 2021 council elections.

That manifesto will go through several drafts, and re-drafts, before a final version is debated at a special Cornwall Labour Party conference, probably towards the end of 2020.  Labour’s manifesto for the Cornwall Council elections in 2021 will be the best-researched, most imaginative political document Cornwall has ever seen: a blueprint for a red County Hall.

There are so many questions in need of answers.  In the months and years ahead, local Labour Party branches, and constituency parties, will be invited to debate these issues and return their answers.

These are just some of the questions posed by members, which can be discussed in individual policy workshops on 23rd March:

  • How can the Cornwall Labour Party, working alongside a Labour government, bring the assets and income of the Duchy of Cornwall under local, democratic control so its wealth can be used for the benefit of all?
  • How can we harness the solar, wind and thermal energy - along with Cornwall’s lithium - to ensure a carbon neutral Cornwall by 2025? How can we bring energy distribution under locally controlled public ownership?
  • How can we reap the benefits of our clean water by taking South West Water back into public ownership?
  • How can we build 1,000 social houses by 2025? – and ensure that these houses will be available only to existing residents who are in need of a home? Can we ensure that new private housing will be approved only with residential or key worker restrictions in place?
  • How can we provide a digital infrastructure which can support new technologies?
  • What is the best way to protect Cornwall’s health service?
  • Could Cornwall become a pilot area to test policies such as lowering the voting age to 16, introducing a tourism tax, or licensing the cultivation of cannabis?
  • How can Labour bring all the outsourced arms-length companies, such as Cormac, back under direct democratic control?
  • What is the best way to bring about an integrated public transport system? Should bus travel be free?

There are many more questions to come!  And you don’t have to wait until 23rd of March to start suggesting your answers – you can comment, right here, right now.

Cornwall Labour Party is currently investigating whether we can get the conference webcast, for members/supporters who are unable to attend on 23rd March.  Register to attend the Heartlands conference here: Registration Form Cornwall Policy Conference 2019

and return the completed form to registrations@cornwalllabourparty.co.uk

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